Vern Gambetta

Bridging the Gap

We have been talking about bridging the gap between science and practice in sport for thirty plus years. You have to ask yourself with all we know today why is there still a gap? In fact in many ways with the drive toward more “sport science” the gap has widened with coaches and coaching being marginalized. Why? Ask yourself who is driving the bus? Who is ultimately held accountable for the athlete's performance? When a team loses or an athlete does not perform it is not the sport scientists that are fired. Maybe just maybe we need to take a step back and look again at the whole process and get rid of all the various silos and individual empires that have been created and get back to an athlete centered, coach driven process that is sport science supported, not sport science driven. No need then for a bridge, all for one and one for all with one purpose to make the athlete better.

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