Vern Gambetta

Guru or Coach

The difference between gurus and coaches:

Guru Coach
Guru is all about style Coach is all substance
Guru is a fountain of information & disconnected facts Coach is about knowledge
Guru has secret training methods The coach is open and shares
Guru puts other down to make himself look good Coach uplifts and gives credit where it is due
Guru expects everyone to drink the Kool-Aid Coach offers pure water
Guru has no question, all the answers Coach is guided by questions
Guru makes exorbitant claims of success Coach lets actions speak for themselves
Guru is on the front page Coach is on the back page
Guru follows the $$$$ Coach is driven by principle
Guru complexifies Coach simplifies
Guru is exclusive Coach is inclusive
Guru is in the spotlight Coach is in the background
Guru is conditional Coach is unconditional
Guru is a shooting star Coach is a shinning star
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