Meditations on Teaching and Practice

I have been thinking a lot lately about what constitutes good teaching (Coaching) and practice. Yesterday after sitting through another long pointless sermon at mass and then going for a long walk afterward to think more about this here are some thoughts:


  • Teach don’t preach – Know your message, keep it short, sharp and punctuated.
  • Show don’t tell – Demonstrate and use video to show skills. Make it visual.
  • Move – Get em moving to feel it. Make it a dance.
  • The eyes don’t have it – Too often we see what we want to see “confirmation bias” not what is really happening.
  • Coach the corrections – Give them an action to correct the fault.
  • Drills do not equal skills – Less drills and more emphasis on the actual skills will improve skill the most.
  • Teach to your strengths – Know your strengths and use them. Be yourself.
  • Watch Karate Kid Part One – Best work on implicit learning I have ever seen! Wax on, wax off!
  • Read Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds – Learn how to get the message across like great presenters do.
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