The Trouble with 40 Yard Dash Times

This article is way off base. It assumes that all 40-yard dash times are comparable. There is no set protocol for timing 40s from level to level. Running surfaces will vary; there is no control for wind if they run outdoors, if the track is level or downhill or if it is actually 40 yards! Of course hand times will be faster. To be accurate all events including short shuttles must be timed electronically. The start must be activated off a touch pad with the down hand in contact with the pad and finish must be determined when the beam is broken. No hand times, hand times are faster, electronic times are “slower” because they are accurate; there is no anticipation of the start or at the finish. The problem is coaches, players, scouts, and parents don’t want accurate, they want fast. Even the almighty NFL combine times are bogus – the start is not automatic only the finish is, therefore it is a bit more accurate but not 100% accurate and reliable. Just don’t understand why people keep fooling themselves with these bogus times.

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  1. tb
    tb says:

    I think your browser missed the ” … ” tags with which the article was written. They know exactly what’s going on.


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