Factors to Consider when Developing a Plan

Here are some factors to consider when developing a comprehensive training plan. This is not rocket science, but each factor must be carefully considered and factored into the plan.

  • Demands of the sport and the position or event
  • The qualities of the individual athlete
  • Pattern of Injuries relative to the event
  • “24 Hour Athlete” Concept – What are they doing when they are not training?
  • Gender – Female athletes must have different training programs
  • The time frame available to execute the plan
  • Specific goals of the training program
  • Developmental Level
    1. Novice/Beginning
    2. Emerging/Developing
    3. Advanced
    4. Elite
  • Current state of fitness
  • Current level of technical development
  • Competitive Schedule
    1. Qualifying Format
    2. Championship Format
  • Recoverability
  • Adaptability
    1. Fast Adapter
    2. Slow Adapter
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