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The saying goes that you are only as strong as your weakest link. As throwers we use our hands. And if you let your hands break down your throw will two. That’s why the HMMR Media has two great products for hammer throwers and shot putters to protect their hands: the improved HMMR glove and the Rhode Throws shot put glove.

The Improved HMMR Glove

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Last year we rolled out the HMMR Glove made exclusively for HMMR Media by Push Throwing Gloves. It is a minimalist approach to the throwing glove that combines great comfort and great feel for (hopefully) great throws. We always want our products to be the best, so we’ve made some improvements to it recently. A new shock cord secures the glove to the hand better, further simplifies the design, and allows it to be more easily taken off and on. Take a look to the right. Just slip your hand in and you are ready to go.

Kibwé Johnson recently started throwing with one and was surprised a glove so simple could work so well:

“So I’ve started wearing that glove the last week or so and I gotta say, it might be the best glove I’ve ever used. My fingers don’t feel a thing.”

-US Champion Kibwé Johnson

The strong yet flexible leather molds to your hand over time to make it even better once broken in. To get a real feel for it, buy one and try it out yourself.

Introducing the Rhode Throws Shot Put Glove

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rhode_throws_shot_gloveGloves aren’t just for hammer throwers any more. Nick Garcia has written quite a lot about the use of heavy implements in training. Needless to say, it is an important element of elite training. But with heavy implements comes the risk of hurting a finger, palm, or wrist. My former training partner Justin Rodhe has helped solve that problem with the Rhode Throws Shot Put Glove. It allows full protection while keeping full feeling of the shot put and throw. This allows you to work on technique and special strength without needing to worry about your hand or wrist. Justin demonstrates it in the video below:

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