Vern Gambetta

Some Thoughts on Planning

Planning is the preparatory work the coach must do to structure training systematically in alignment with the themes and objectives of training and the athlete’s level of conditioning. The process is the result of the experience of the coach coupled with applicable sport science concepts. Jan Olbrecht, Belgian sport scientist, likens the training plan to a table of contents. It should be comprehensive, covering all aspects of the athlete’s performance. The training plan (Table of contents) should include:

  • The competition – classified as to their relative importance
    • Crucial
    • Important
    • Developmental
  • The specific training goals
  • The specific competitive goals
  • A broad overview of the means and methods of training
  • A projection of the number of training sessions, as well as volume and intensity of the main training components
  • The dates of the tests and the actual test to be used
  • Non-training (sport) commitments
  • Contingency Plans
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