The Podium Set

Mr. Kuehl, my high school basketball coach used to tell us that we do the whole the whole practice to get the last the last two minutes because that was where the games would be decided. He emphasized that it was the last two minutes that we worked for, that is when we were tired and we had to execute. It was the time to find that little bit extra. This idea has had a huge influence on my thinking over the years. Today I call it the Podium Set – the last set in the weight workout, the last run of an interval workout, or the last play in a team practice. Everything in training leads to that moment. This is where the practice really counts; it is where you execute when you are physically and mentally fatigued. This is where you draw on the foundation of technique and that you have established. The Podium Set should put the exclamation on that days training. It is setting you up for the next session. It is what your body remembers – make it count! This is where you practice what it takes to stand on the podium.

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