The State of Track and Field

I have been thinking a lot about this since our meet this afternoon. I am a bit worried about the sport I am so passionate about and particularly the events I am so passionate about.


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5 replies
  1. Kim Francis
    Kim Francis says:

    As a parent of a daughter who’d never touched a throwing implement until she met you and who ended up having a wonderful college career at her first choice school in track and field, I couldn’t agree more. I think part of the problem is that most kids have no exposure to throwing until they get to high school, whereas they see basketball, football, etc. glamorized all their lives. Even at the highest level–Olympics and world and national championships–throwing gets minimal coverage. It’s the “best-kept secret” in sports.
    Don’t give up, Coach! Keep fighting the good fight. Think of all the kids who’s lives have been enriched by being a member of Garcia’s Army.
    By the way, my daughter is now competing in Olympic weightlifting. Hmm, who was it who introduced her lifting…

  2. Angie
    Angie says:

    Wow, this is what my husband and I have been talking about. We have a son and daughter in track, both throwers. Unfortunately our daughter is in middle school, and they spend most of their time at practice running. She is weeks behind other schools in throwing practice. Fortunately though, my kids are on a club team, for Throwers. They have learned more from their club coach than their school coach.

  3. Mike B
    Mike B says:


    I have been through the general situation you describe here so often i cant event count, and it is far from confined to the throwing events. The level of apathy out there is amazing. And they get upset at you for getting upset at their incompetence! Nothing worse than the old ” we have always done it this way” line. Club Sports camps etc are in the end just an industry and one that has little to do with benefitting kids, simple as that. Its ironic the state of dual meets in my mind there is absolutly no doubt that the decline of our sport in this country is directly related to the decline in emphasis on heed to head team based competition.

  4. Garrett Middleton
    Garrett Middleton says:

    Stop by Corvallis High School in Montana sometime. We will make you feel better about high school field and track programs! Programs do not have success unless the coaches are passionate about what they do. I agree with you on the club sports. But the track coaches must be vocal about their program and how important it is to become a better athlete by participating in track. I just got done painting sector lines and arcs for the javelin and discus at 8:30 tonight. Shot will be chalked the morning of our 20 team meet on Saturday. That includes boys & girls, JV & varsity. All throws will be measured and officiated by volunteers of the community.


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