Becoming a Better Consumer of Sports Science

I’ve written extensively this month about the scientific process, methods, and study design. All of this has an effect on the results. But we also need to look at a few other aspects that impact our understanding of the results. In other words, we need to ask how we can become better consumers of scientific research. For that I have a few tips that can help with interpreting scientific findings.


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  1. Lorne Morrow
    Lorne Morrow says:

    Thanks again for writing this series & thanks to Martin for hosting it. Art & science in coaching is like the uncertain tension between the characters of House & Cuddy in the TV series House. One’s favour swings back & forth between the two. One without the other could be considerably less effective.

    Although you probably originally addressed this to coaches, it would be excellent reading for personal trainers, PE teachers, young athletes & parents of young athletes. So many of us form opinions from headlines or sound-bytes rather than reading critically.


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