Centerville Elk Relays (OH) Results

The season is slowing gaining speed in Ohio with more good results out of Centerville over the weekend. Robert Landers (Wayne, Huber Heights, OH) improved his state lead and became the first thrower from the state to break 200 feet this year with his win at the Centerville Elk Relays. Landers finished last season just 13 inches shy of the barrier and his throw on Friday was the first time over it. The girl’s competition was won by Isis Trotman (Centerville, OH). In her season debut she was a mere two inches off of her personal best from last season.

Centerville Elk Relays
Centerville High School
500 East Franklin Street Centerville, OH
April 17, 2015

Boy’s Hammer Throw
Place Name School Mark
1. Robert Landers Wayne 203-07.00 ft
2. James Elden Centerville 151-0 ft
3. Dean Yoho Wayne 140-02.00 ft
4. Sahil Patel Centerville 139-11.00 ft
5. Alex Otto Wayne 138-0 ft
6. Ryan Conger Centerville 136-08.00 ft
7. Maximilian Wells Wayne B 126-07.00 ft
8. Tayor Brant Kings 98-11.00 ft
9. Justin Edsell Kings 98-0 ft
10. Nathan Baumgardner Mason 97-10.00 ft
Girl’s Hammer Throw
Place Name School Mark
1. Isis Trotman Centerville 147-07.00 ft
2. Keryn Lumpkin Alter 121-06.00 ft
3. Reshanna Simon Centerville 116-10.00 ft
4. Katie Roush Centerville B 111-09.00 ft
5. Jenna Tracy Centerville 103-07.00 ft
6. Brianna Wooten Wayne 90-11.00 ft
7. Amaya King Mason 86-11.00 ft
8. Julia Williams Centerville B 85-04.00 ft
9. Alexandria Creech Wayne 79-01.00 ft
10. Aminat Adewumi Mason 75-09.00 ft
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