Episode 1: Do You Even Squat?

It seems like podcasts are popping up all over the place, but many are beginning to sound the same. Part of the problem is that most seem to use the same format. They bring on a guest, have them speak about the influences, discuss a few points about training, and perhaps go off on one new tangent. But after the same guest shows up on several podcasts they all start to sound the same.


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  1. […] is not that something you have to fret too much about. This is something I discussed in the first episode of our podcast: whether you choose a front squat, back squat, safety squat, box squat, etc. does not matter that […]

  2. […] Obviously Olympic lifts develop power, but as Buddy discussed they come with some costs such as the time required to teach technique and the impact on the body. This cost benefit analysis is similar to what Bondarchuk did regarding full squats for his throwers, the topic of our first podcast. […]

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