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The past couple of weeks I have totally immersed myself in reading and research working to challenge myself and upgrade my knowledge. Being basically ADHD I can’t seem to focus on one area, I seem to keep coming back to the body as a complex system with a myriad of interactions and incredible ability to adapt to virtually any stress we impose upon it. One of the areas I have dug deep into is the whole epidemic of hamstring injures. The studies that I am reading just seem to ignore the hamstring as a link in the kinetic chain. (I will write a post on my thoughts and conclusions soon) This is not unique in scientific studies and the expert’s commentary in regard to all aspects of performance. It is so easy and convenient to take a reductionist approach and look at the cardiovascular system or the nervous system in isolation, but what is convenient and easy is not always correct. As a practitioner I need to see how the systems integrate to produce efficient movement. Why is there this disconnect? I found this quote from Claude Levi Strauss that made me think even more:

“The scientist is not a person gives the right answers, he is one who asks the right questions.”

-French anthropologist and ethnologist Claude Levi Strauss

Maybe we need more collaboration between the coaches and the sport scientists to frame better questions. Just thinking?

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