New York Relays Results

rp_primary_NYR_Logo_1Junior Bobby Colantonio (Barrington, RI) threw a new national lead and meet record to highlight the first day of action on Friday at the New York Relays. Already in round two Colantonio set a new personal best and national lead of 238’07” and finished off the competition with another two throws over 230 feet. His throw also moves him within inches of the national all-time top 10 list. Close behind Colantonio was his teammate Adam Kelly (Barrington, RI). Kelly, the national leader entering the meet, was also near his personal best and turned in his second best performance ever at 234’2″. Owen Russell (Moses Brown, Providence, RI) finished in third.

Lysah Russell (Classical, Providence, RI) improved her best to win the girl’s competition in a great competition that featured season’s bests by all podium finishers, including Monae Cooper (New Rochelle, NY) in second place and Tara Rochefort (Woonsocket, RI) in third.

                11th Annual New York Relays
                      Icahn Stadium
               Randall’s Island, New York, NY
                  Friday April 17, 2015
Boys Hammer Throw Invitational
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Colantonio, Bobby            Barrington              238-07       
  2 Kelly, Adam                  Barrington              234-02       
  3 Russell, Owen                Moses Brown             218-11       
  4 Alvernaz, Mike               Barrington              195-04       
  5 Briere, Jared                Woonsocket              187-03       
  6 Heinl, Jamie                 Barrington              170-01       
  7 Putnam, John                 Massapequa              168-07       
  8 Greenless, Jacob             Woonsocket              163-05       
  9 Palazzo, Joe                 Classical               161-07       
 10 Tyler, Xavier                Iona Prep               158-04       
 11 Slagus, Matt                 North Pocono            150-08       
 12 Fofanah, Kevin               Classical               142-00       
 13 Akoiwala, Corvah             Classical               141-07       
 14 Bonilla, Alexus              Classical               141-03       
 15 Pocesta, Lutfi               Susan Wagner            134-05       
 16 Hagan, Frankie               Iona Prep               131-05       
 17 Finkelstein, Jake            Massapequa              128-05       
 18 Celestin, Failey             Nanuet                   98-10       
 -- Kelly, Turner                Walter G. O'              FOUL       
 -- Rahman, Syed                 Townsend Harris           FOUL       
 -- Cote, Dilyn                  Woonsocket                FOUL
Girls Hammer Throw Invitational
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Russell, Lysah               Classical               149-06       
  2 Cooper, Monae                New Rochelle            147-06       
  3 Rochefort, Tara              Woonsocket              137-07       
  4 Slagus, Jessica              North Pocono            132-09       
  5 Okasia, Danika               Bloomfield              129-11       
  6 Jeffrey, Jessica             New Rochelle            122-07       
  7 Estelle, Faith               Bloomfield              121-03       
  8 Bishop, Sochima              New Rochelle            118-09       
  9 Martinez, Ashley             Woonsocket              113-04       
 10 Taft, Amanda                 Woonsocket              113-02       
 11 Cooper, Maya                 New Rochelle            106-05       
 12 Hanzel, Alyssa               Woonsocket              103-06       
 13 Cuadra, Amanda               Mt. Vernon               95-05       
 14 Henry, Anieka                New Rochelle             89-10       
 15 Manuel, Nijera               New Rochelle             88-11       
 16 Smithwick, Olivia            Massapequa               80-06       
 17 Cole, Jakira                 New Rochelle             65-09       
 -- Plasse, Briannah             Woonsocket                FOUL
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