The Job of Coaching?

Coaching is not a job it is not an industry! It is a way of life, a lifestyle, a profession. It is fueled by passion and driven by dedication to improving the lives of the athletes we work with work. To adopt this lifestyle is not for the faint of heart or the dilettante. Extrinsic rewards are few, fame and recognition is minimal and fleeting. The joy of coaching is not in the championships and the world-class athletes it is the day-to-day and week to week satisfaction of seeing athletes focus and dedicate themselves to excellence. It is seeing the 13 foot long jumper improve to 14 feet, no one notices that but you and the athlete, but that is enough. Those are the intrinsic rewards, the things that make it all worthwhile. At the end of the day it is the satisfaction of knowing that you the coach can make a real difference.

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