Rethinking Cooldown

Let take a close look at the cooldown. Obviously it comes at the end of the workout. Too often it is an after thought consisting of some mindless activities to get rid of lactate or some such nonsense. Instead it should be considered an integral part of the training session. Don’t think of it as the end of the current session, think of how you can use the time to set up the next training session. As an alternative to cooldown I have started using the term reset to better describe what I hope to achieve. A well thought out and structured cooldown will reset the system so that the next session can start at an optimum level. I structure the reset to be more active than passive. For example I would prefer hurdle walkovers instead of jogging, an orchestrated series of yoga poses rather than static stretching or left handed throws for a right-handed thrower. Look closely at activities that will help reset the nervous system, are a logical extension of the current workout and that will setup the subsequent workout.

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