Strength as a Skill

We need to rethink how we conceptualize strength. It would be helpful to conceptualize strength as a skill, a finely tuned skill at that. Think of it not as a sledgehammer that delivers a blunt blow. Rather think of it as a pinprick, a very high force concentrated in a very small area. To do that demands incredible coordination and synchronization.

Anyone can get measurably strong in the weight room fairly fast (A certain amount of that kind of strength is necessary, but not as much as we have been led to believe), but applying and using that strength is another matter. A huge aspect of performance is closing the gap between strength you can measure and strength you can apply. To better apply strength think of it as a finely tuned skill that is highly trainable in a variety of situations using the interaction of the body, gravity and the ground. You might not be able to measure it but you will quickly see the difference where it matters most, in the competitive arena with a healthier more mobile, adaptable ant-fragile athlete.

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