That’s what they do at the U

I continually and constantly see this – high school strength and conditioning programs that blindly copy university programs, especially in football. What they do at the U has nothing to do with what should be done with growing and developing athletes. At the U they are working with mature men and women who they got to select at the high school level you are working with a very heterogeneous population of growing boys and girls. Imitation may be flattery but the end results are not very flattering. In addition in these imitation programs you have male training programs imposed on females and you wonder why high school female athletes have the rate of injury they do. Imitating the U ignores the importance of developmental age. Where is the progression? At the U they usually have a fairly large staff that can supervise programs for various sports, at the high school this is not the case. The bottom line here is that if you are copying what they are doing at the U it is not for you. You can do better than that for your athletes.

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