GAIN 2015 – Getting Started

We kicked off GAIN 2015 yesterday despite a lack of cooperation from mother nature and numerous flight cancellations, delays and re-bookings everyone got it. Terrific group. Very diverse group from all over the world with tremendous expertise.I am very excited to keep meeting people and exchanging ideas.

gain_2015Today our theme is “The Foundation” – the emphasis is on physical education as the foundation leading off with Greg Thompson an extraordinary PE teacher, followed by Randy Ballard from University of Illinois sharing his work on Trainability assessment – That takes care of the morning. Then I will present on the Basics of Training, followed by Nick Garcia from Notre Dame High School who will take us through the young athletes journey at the high school level. In the evening Mike Bahn from US Skiing and Patrick McHugh from Northshore Country Day school will present on solutions in youth sport. This morning we kick -off at 6:30 on the track with three active learning stations. All with the goal of “Coaching the Best to be Better.”

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