GAIN 2015 – Wrap-up

It has been over a week since we ended GAIN 2015 our eighth iteration of the annual program. Each one has gotten successively better and this one was the best. It has been hard to get back into the normal swing of things after spending five supercharged days around such great professionals and even more important great people. It is very intense and demanding. I know for the first time attendees it is often overwhelming but we strive to set the bar high to help people improve as professionals.


This is an annual event, a gathering of the network, but the network is an going process designed to facilitate communication, share experiences and ideas throughout the year via the online forum and to access high level information through the GAIN library.

In succeeding days I will post on some of the highlight of GAIN 2015, in the interim enjoy the gallery of pictures that give a small flavor of what GAIN is about. Next GAIN will be June 2016 – Open by application only to professionals who want to share and learn – Hope you can join us.












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