Rhode Island State Championships Results

Junior Bobby Colantonio (Barrington, RI) came out on top to win his second consecutive Rhode Island state championships on Saturday and the third consecutive title for Barrington High School. Colantonio faced close competition from his teammate Adam Kelly (Barrington, RI). Kelly had won their last two meetings, but it was Colantonio who took the early lead in round one, which was good enough to secure the win. An improvement in round four extended his mark one foot to 234’7″. Kelly finish in second, and Mike Alvernaz (Barrington, RI) completed the Barrington podium sweep.

The girl’s competition was one of the closest in recent history with the top six throwers separated by just seven feet. Despite entering the competition seeded fourth, Meagan Malloy‘s (Smithfield, Esmond, RI) fifth round effort of 168’9″ ended up victorious. Lysah Russell (Classical, Providence, RI) and Courtney Jacobsen (Toll Gate, Warwick, RI) were within feet of Malloy to place second and third respectively. All three top finishers are juniors. Carly Timpson (Narragansett) finished in fourth with the exact same mark as Jacobsen but missed out on the bronze due to a lesser second best throw.

              2015 RIIL Outdoor Track & Field Championships
                     Presented by The Bill Falk Fund                        
                     Brown University, Providence, RI
                         Saturday June 6, 2015
Boys Hammer Throw
State Record: # 253-03  5/29/1999   Jacob Freeman, Hendricken                  
 Meet Record: % 250-10  6/4/1999    Jacob Freeman, Hendricken                  
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1 Bobby Colantonio          JR Barrington              234-07     71.50m   
  2 Adam Kelly                SR Barrington              227-11     69.46m   
  3 Mike Alvernaz             SR Barrington              198-03     60.42m   
  4 Francy Mata               SR Mt.Pleasant             194-01     59.15m   
  5 Jacob Yang                SR Pilgrim                 193-11     59.10m   
  6 Jared Briere              SO Woonsocket              191-11     58.49m   
  7 Shane Olson               JR Bishop Hendricken       185-08     56.59m 
  8 Adrian Matos              SO Central                 177-08     54.15m 
  9 Jacob Greenless           SO Woonsocket              174-05     53.16m 
 10 Michael Coppolino         JR Cumberland              172-04     52.52m 
 11 Joseph Palazzo            JR Classical               167-03     50.97m 
 12 Ivan Goretoy              SO West Warwick            164-10     50.24m 
 13 Jamie Heinl               SR Barrington              163-09     49.91m 
 14 Joe Taylor                SR Lincoln                 163-06     49.83m 
 15 Nick Neilsen              SR South Kingstown         161-09     49.30m 
 16 Dilyn Cote                SO Woonsocket              158-03     48.23m 
 17 Glenn Vallee              SR North Kingstown         151-05     46.15m 
 -- Abraham Salako            SO Bishop Hendricken         FOUL 
Girls Hammer Throw
State Record: # 189-03  5/26/2001   Kate Johnston, Warwick Vets                
 Meet Record: % 183-06  6/2002      Kristen Michalski, West Warwick            
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1 Meagan Malloy             JR Smithfield              168-09     51.43m   
  2 Lysah Russell             JR Classical               165-00     50.29m   
  3 Courtney Jacobsen         JR Toll Gate               163-02     49.73m   
  4 Carly Timpson             SR Narragansett           J163-02     49.73m   
  5 Alva Hicks                SR Classical               162-01     49.40m   
  6 Lauren Swanson            SR East Greenwich          161-07     49.25m   
  7 Abby Cousens              SR Portsmouth              150-05     45.84m 
  8 Faye Gauthier             JR West Warwick            141-11     43.25m 
  9 Gianna Rao                FR PonagansetI             135-02     41.19m 
 10 Tara Rochefort            SR Woonsocket              134-03     40.91m 
 11 Katerina Gray             SR Lincoln                 131-02     39.97m 
 12 Joangely Mata             FR Mt.Pleasant             129-06     39.47m 
 13 Faith Polando             FR Barrington              126-09     38.63m 
 14 Rebecca Dickinson         JR North Kingstown         123-08     37.69m 
 15 Ariana McDevitt           SO Central Falls           118-06     36.11m 
 16 Samantha Andrews          SO Lincoln                 118-05     36.09m 
 -- Grace D'Antuono           SR North Kingstown           FOUL
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