Chicagoland Throw Series (IL) Results

As the nation’s best throwers gear up for international competitions in the coming weeks, many travelled to Chicago this weekend for a tune-up meet. And the results were spectacular: one national lead and two top-ten all-time marks. Competing amongst collegiate and post-collegiate throwers junior national champion Haley Showalter (Valor Christian, Highlands Ranch, CO) not only improved her national lead, but also broke her personal best and Colorado state record from last summer. Her best mark of 194’1″ also moved her up to seventh on the all-time national list. Courtney Jacobsen (Toll Gate, Warwick, RI) was the second best prep thrower at the meet. Alyssa Wilson (Donovan Catholic, Toms River, NJ) added six feet to her personal best to place third among the high school girls.

chicagolandThe boy’s competition also produced some elite results with Adam Kelly (Barrington, RI) producing his second personal best this month. This time his toss of 243’1″ moved him within six inches of the national lead. In addition he moves up one spot to eighth all-time. Seth Whitener (North Paulding, Dallas, GA) took second, and after coming off of his first 200 foot throw on Tuesday Michael Alvernaz (Barrington, RI) placed third.

                     Chicagoland Throw Series - 6/19/2015                      
                      North Central College  - BW Stadium

Women's Hammer Throw
 NASF Girls Hammer: 4 kg
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals           
  1 Berry, Gwen                  Nyac-Nike               69.60m     228-04 
      67.37m  69.60m  69.45m  68.98m  68.97m  FOUL
  6 Showalter, Haley             NSAF                    59.17m     194-01 
      58.46m  FOUL  FOUL  57.47m  59.17m  56.45m
  7 Jacobsen, Courtney           NSAF                    52.96m     173-09 
      51.90m  50.51m  50.83m  50.22m  FOUL  52.96m
  8 Wilson, Alyssa               NSAF                    51.89m     170-03 
      FOUL  FOUL  49.25m  47.35m  48.52m  51.89m
  9 Antill, Kaylee               NSAF                    51.47m     168-10 
      48.30m  50.09m  FOUL  51.47m  FOUL  FOUL
 10 Thomas, Makena               NSAF                    48.01m     157-06 
      FOUL  45.39m  46.56m  48.01m  FOUL  FOUL
High School Boy's Hammer Throw
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals           
  1 Kelly, Adam                  NSAF                    74.10m     243-01 
      70.82m  74.10m  71.27m  73.65m  73.96m  73.92m
  2 Whitener, Seth               NSAF                    64.18m     210-07 
      FOUL  62.28m  FOUL  64.18m  FOUL  63.81m
  3 Alvernaz, Michael            NSAF                    60.78m     199-05 
      59.15m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  60.78m  FOUL
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