Everybody Loves the Ball and Chain

My new book, The Ball and Chain has been out for two months now and the reviews are starting to come in. Check out some of the feedback we’ve been getting below and get your copy now.

Order the Ball and Chain online or read summaries of each chapter in a sneak peak.

Press Reviews

Earlier this month the leading weekly track and field magazine Athletics Weekly took a look at the book and had positive feedback:

“Littered with diagrams, boxes and the odd illustration, the book gives the reader and would-be aspirant everything in a nutshell and this is why the book is a worthwhile addition to any hammer thrower’s library. With no mumbo-jumbo, the publication cuts straight to the chase and this is what makes it so appealing to anyone wanting to learn and improve at the event.”


World-Class Coaches

Herbert Czingon has worked as the German Head Field Events Coach and currently serves as the Swiss national pole vault coach and personal coach of Youth Olympic Champion Angelica Moser. It was an honor to receive his glowing feedback and it was impressed enough that we might work on a German version together. Keep an eye out for it.

“Martin’s book is a very good example of a well-structured, readable and comprehensive information about the hammer throw. It connects biographical anecdote with simple and modern information on technical and biomechanical aspects as well as advice on how to learn and train for this demanding event. A beginner can follow a straight path to learning the basics and experts will be interested in the rich knowledge and experience laid out in a straightforward an dlogical manner. Svientific information is selected to the point and neatly arranged. The Ball and Chain should get followers from other events because it acts a model for modern textbooks for track and field.”

Hammer Throwers

As a three-time Olympian and US Flag Bearer at the 1984 Olympic Games, Ed Burke knows a thing or two about the hammer. But he also wants to learn more as he continues to set master’s records. The book is a must read for him:

Ball and Chain is a must read for all hammer enthusiasts. Concise and insightful. My thanks for your efforts again to help those of us who have the love and addiction for a better throw.”

NCAA Medalist Tomáš Kružliak also had this to say:

“I just read your book and I found it very interesting and easy to read/understand. His unique personal experience helped me understand the presented concepts.”

Throws Coaches

We received feedback from throws coaches at all levels. Dave Ratcliffe, coach of New Zealand Record holder and Commonwealth Games medalist Julia Ratcliffe, was one of the first to write us with comments:

“It was very well written and very easy to follow. Martin puts the emphasis in the right places and highlighted the most important points.”

Youth coaches found it just as useful, including Reynolds High School coach John Fappas:

“I really enjoyed the book and have gone back several times to re-read sections, I will keep this book close, for refreshing both my technique , and coaching.”

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