GAIN 2015 Lessons – Greg Thompson on PE as a Foundation

Greg is a elementary school PE teacher in Farmington Hills, Michigan. It is hard to find a word to express this mans depth of knowledge and passion. If there is something more genuine than genuine Greg is it. In addition to teaching PE Greg also coaches soccer achieving USA Soccer A Badge, the highest level of certification in the US. I asked Greg to kickoff GAIN with a presentation on PE as the Foundation. Needless to say he knocked our socks off. He set the tempo for the whole program with his ideas.

6a00e5521cccd0883401b8d131080f970cHe started by surveying experts from around the world on what was important in a good foundation established by PE:

  • Moving Well
  • Static Balance – Ability to make a stable base
  • Dynamic Balance
  • Object control skill and ability to combine them with locomotor skills
  • Landing Mechanics
  • Flexibility – Only if you can express with balance, strength and speed
  • General Strength
  • Aerobic Fitness
  • Behavior

6a00e5521cccd0883401b7c7a79dec970bSome other thoughts from Greg:

  • “Figure it out” – Give them the tools to solve moment problems and let them figure it out. They are OK to express themselves through movement.
  • He treats the body like a paintbrush
  • Create desirable difficulties
  • It is one thing to value it; it is another thing to have a plan for teaching it.
  • Games become an express of skill so teach skill first
  • Behavior must be addressed – Growing people into responsible adults

Not sure my brief words can do justice to Greg’s ideas and methods. Greg is the teacher we wish we all had in school and the teacher we want our children to have. Greg came to the first GAIN eight years ago as an attendee. He truly represents what GAIN is about – Quality, excellence, passion, sharing and humanity. Thanks Greg for helping make GAIN what it is.

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