Hammerama 2015 (RI) Results

Adam Kelly (Barrington, RI) has travelled coast to coast over the last week, but after returning home he still found some energy on Sunday to launch a new personal best at Hammerama 2015. His winning throw of 241’11” easily took the title by more than 40 feet. He also produced a solid mark with the collegiate hammer, going over 200 feet again and placing second in a close competition behind post-collegiate thrower Wilfredo de Jesus.

In the girl’s competition Makena Thomas (Narragansett, RI) was in good shape and captured the win after throwing within a few feet of her personal best. Courtney Jacobsen (Toll Gate, Warwick, RI) placed second.

Sunday, July 5, 2015
Curtis Corner Middle School, Wakefield, RI

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Meet Record: Rudy Winkler – Sand Lake, NY – 75.55m (247’10”) – 2013
Pl Athlete Hometown Metric Imperial
1 Adam Kelly Barrington, RI 73.74m 241-11
2 Jared Briere Woonsocket, RI 59.95m 196-08
3 Mike Alvernaz Barrington, RI 59.28m 194-06
4 Jacob Greenless Woonsocket, RI 52.45m 172-01
5 Dilyn Cote Woonsocket, RI 52.33m 171-08
6 Joe Taylor Lincoln, RI 51.49m 168-11
7 Joseph Palazzo Providence, RI 49.24m 161-06
8 Dallas Turrle Southbury, CT 30.71m 100-09
Meet Record: Kate Johnston – Warwick, RI – 52.81m (173’03”) – 2000
Pl Athlete Hometown Metric Imperial
1 Makena Thomas Narragansett, RI 51.18m 167-11
2 Courtney Jacobsen East Greenwich, RI 49.42m 162-02
3 Carly Timpson Narragansett, RI 49.28m 161-08
4 Lauren Swanson East Greenwich, RI 47.86m 157-00
5 Samantha Andrews Lincoln, RI 43.39m 142-04
6 Sasha Strelnitskaya East Longmeadow, MA 38.63m 126-09
7 Amanda Taft Woonsocket, RI 36.65m 120-03
8 Maggie Tarmey Lincoln, RI 34.45m 113-00
9 Ashley Martinez Woonsocket, RI 33.68m 110-06
10 Katrina Kurowski Woonsocket, RI 29.02m 95-02
11 Esther Johnson Mont Vernon, NH 20.76m 68-01
12 Adaline Rah Woonsocket, RI 19.83m 65-00
GIRLS – 3K HAMMER (13 and 14 years old)
Athlete Hometown Age Metric Imperial
Annika Kelly Barrington, RI 14 48.32m 158-06
Jackie Andrews Lincoln,  RI 13 29.65m 97-03
BOYS’ 4K HAMMER (13 & 14 years old)
Paul Brennan Cranbury, NJ 13 42.31m 138-09
Nathan Desplaines Woonsocket, RI 13 25.67m 84-02
Brock Piette Woonsocket, RI 13 24.06m 78-11
BOYS’ 2K (Short Hammer) (10 years old)
Oleg Brennan Cranbury, NJ 10 12.83m 42-01
Meet Record: Chris Bryce – Waltham, MA 70.85m (232’05”) – 2010
Pl Athlete Hometown Metric Imperial
1 Wilfredo deJesus Arroyo, Puerto Rico 61.23m 200-10
2 Adam Kelly Barrington, RI 61.11m 200-06
3 A.J. Guerra Stafford Springs, CT 60.91m 199-10
4 Gabe Arcaro Burlington, MA 54.93m 180-02
5 Mike Alvernaz Barrington, RI 50.57m 165-11
6 Jared Briere Woonsocket, RI 48.35m 158-07
7 Jacob Greenless Woonsocket, RI 44.82m 147-00
8 Ben Stanwood Mystic, CT 42.97m 140-11
9 Dilyn Cote Woonsocket, RI 42.70m 140-01
10 Joe Taylor Lincoln, RI 42.52m 139-06
11 Stefan Balestra Lincoln, RI 42.37m 139-00
12 Jake Brierly Lincoln, RI 42.09m 138-01
Charlie Ionata Barrington, RI Foul
Meet Record: Bethany Hart -Trumbull, CT – 66.80m (219’02”) – 2008
Pl Athlete Hometown Metric Imperial
1 Crystal Bourque Coventry, RI 59.01m 193-07
2 Robyn McFetters Barrington, RI 52.36m 171-09
3 Carly Timpson Narragansett, RI 50.14m 164-06
4 Courtney Jacobsen East Greenwich, RI 48.84m 160-03
5 Lauren Swanson East Greenwich, RI 46.88m 153-10
6 Grace Janes Newport, RI 46.68m 153-02
7 Cheyanne Nalle Woonsocket, RI 43.42m 142-05
8 Sasha Strelnitskaya East Longmeadow, MA 36.22m 118-10
Samantha Andrews Lincoln, RI Foul
Conversions from Metric to Imperial manually done with the BIG GOLD BOOK.


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