Winning Culture

It is there and it is important. You can feel it! There is a sense of personal accountability from the superstars to the custodians, they are all in and believe each is equally important. Leadership is from within not from above. The focus is on the task at hand, building on and learning from the past successes and failures but always preparing for the future. Successful cultures are not characterized by slogans on the wall or catchy phrases on t-shirts, it is the actions of the whole organization that speak. There is an atmosphere where champions are inevitable. There is a very strong shared vision where everyone knows their role and respects each other. There is a strong bias toward action – get er done. No one is trying to take credit or place blame. All for one and one for all. There is a high level of expectation that focuses on process, with a faith that the process will yield the desired outcome. Newcomers quickly recognize that they must earn the right to be part of the culture by performing and producing, no entitlement. Calculated risk taking is rewarded!

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