World Youth Championships Girls Hammer Throw Results

984cfd35-de36-4189-af24-beca3c9db8a1World leader Sofiya Palkina of Russia came out on top in a close girl’s hammer final at the World Youth Championships on Saturday. With little more than one meter separating the first four throwers, no one felt secure in the competition. Palkina started out the competition in fourth place while France’s Melissa Coquilaas took the early lead. In round two Palkina jumped ahead by a matter of inches and then improved again to 67.82 meters in round three to giver herself some breathing room. But she could hardly relax. Ningyu Shang of China threw a personal best in round four, and then Deniz Yaylaci broke 67 meters for the first time in her life in the final round. But in the end Palkina held on to the win with Yaylaci getting silver and bronze going to Shang.

World Youth Championships
Cali, Colombia
July 19, 2015

Youth Girl's Hammer Throw Final (3 kilogram)
    Name                     Country                  Result
  1 Sofiya PALKINA           Russia                   67.82
  2 Deniz YAYLACI            Turkey                   67.01 PB
  3 Ningyu SHANG             China                    66.84 PB
  4 Melissa COQUILLAS        France                   66.55
  5 Ayamey Damiana MEDINA    Cuba                     62.96
  6 Eva MUSTAFI              Croatia                  59.41
  7 Eszter NÉMETH            Hungary                  58.64
  8 Alessia BENEDUCE         Italy                    58.36
  9 Dorleta ARMENDÁRIZ       Spain                    54.68
 10 Michaela WALSH           Ireland                  52.73
 11 Araceli NAHUEL           Argentina                52.02
  - Anastasiya BORODULINA    Russia                    Foul
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