Vern Gambetta

Youth Sports Problems – Some Solutions

Here are the conclusions to my presentation on LTAD at the 2015 NSCA Convention in Orlando. We know the problems we need to focus on solutions, here are mine:

  • Reinstitute mandatory daily physical education K – 12 NOW!
  • Stop trying to identify the athletically gifted instead lets give them all the gift of athleticism
  • Declare “Adult Free Zone” where kids can just play
  • More play days – Less structure along with fewer leagues and tournaments

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Some final thoughts:

  • DO participate in a variety of sports and activities
  • DO NOT try to “hurry up” the development process
  • DO NOT specialize too early
  • DO NOT lose sight of long-term objectives
    • What is the final goal?
    • Were good life skills taught?
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  1. Jim Pappas
    Jim Pappas says:

    I am trying to touch personallywith Vern Gambetta. m an old friend, meeting when I invited Vern to comedown to Australia back in the late 90’s to work and speak at our international conference in Brisbane.

    Vern is unaware that I have returned to the USA to live and work.

    Can I please get Vern to make contact with me at:
    (847) 749 9622

    Jim Pappas


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