Making Training Stick – Simple Rules

Start with the basics and never stray far from the basics.

Don’t try to replicate the stress of the sport in training, instead prepare for the stress of the sport.

Have a plan, execute it and constantly evaluate the plan.

You must know the process in order to be able to focus on the process.

Coach the person not the athlete.

Teach skills not drills.

Build on strengths and minimize weaknesses.

Train fast to be fast. You are what you train to be.

Adaptation is not just about time; it is the timing of the appropriate training stimulus to achieve the desired training response.

You compete the way you train. Understand the demands of the sport and train to exceed those demands.

Don’t try to replicate the game in training, distort it.

Never allow equipment or facilities to dictate your training.

Injury prevention is a transparent part of the whole program, not a central focus.

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