Pan Am Junior Championships Men’s Hammer Results

After a strong two-medal performance in the junior women’s hammer on Friday, high school teammates Adam Kelly (Barrington, RI) and Bobby Colantonio (Barrington, RI) closed out the action for Team USA on Sunday. This time it was Chile that swept the first two spots led by Humberto Mansilla. Mansilla was one of the favorites entering the competition, but added nearly two feet to his best and broke 80 meters for the first time to easily secure the win. He led from start to finish with five of his throws far enough to win.

En route to his win Mansilla beat out world leader Joaquin Gomez of Argentina, who also set the world youth all-time best years ago with the 5-kilogram hammer two years ago. Gomez actually had to settle for third behind fellow Chilean Gabriel Kehr. Kelly finished as the top American in fifth place, while Colantonio was close behind in seventh.

2015 PanAmerican Junior Track & Field Championships – 8/2/2015
            Foote Field, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada                   
Event 40  Men Hammer Throw Junior  (6k Hammer)
Top 8 to Final                                                
  WJR Leader: ^ 80.59m  5/31/2015   Joaquin GOMEZ, ARG         
JR World Rec: $ 85.57m  6/14/2012   Ashraf Amgad ELSEIFY, QAT  
 Meet Record: # 78.38m  2009        Reinier Mejias CABRERA, CUB
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals
  1 Humberto Mansilla         96 Chile                   80.21m#
      73.47m  76.62m  78.17m  78.22m  80.21m  76.67m           
  2 Gabriel Kehr              96 Chile                   74.42m
      70.46m  FOUL  74.42m  70.74m  FOUL  FOUL                  
  3 Joaquin Gomez             96 Argentina Republic      73.65m
      68.43m  FOUL  70.16m  73.03m  69.79m  73.65m             
  4 Luis Gustavo Silva        96 Brazil                  69.84m
      FOUL  67.62m  69.84m  FOUL  66.14m  68.71m                
  5 Adam Kelly                97 United States           69.11m
      FOUL  66.81m  63.79m  69.11m  66.68m  68.82m             
  6 Juan Cruz Romano          96 Argentina Republic      68.83m
      68.63m  68.83m  FOUL  67.55m  67.25m  66.33m             
  7 Robert Colantonio         98 United States           66.69m
      FOUL  66.69m  FOUL  60.71m  65.10m  65.45m               
  8 Juan Guillermo Romaña Ro  96 Colombia                63.76m
      63.76m  62.41m  FOUL  62.53m  FOUL  FOUL                 
  9 Aaron Stroda              96 Canada                  61.81m
      61.81m  FOUL  57.93m                                     
 10 Samuel Coulson-Willett    97 Canada                  57.16m
      FOUL  57.16m  FOUL
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