Another Training Talk with Dan Pfaff (Part 1)

Dan Pfaff’s name is hardly foreign for readers of this blog. As the head coach at Altis, the new name for the ever-growing World Athletics Center, he currently coaches dozens of athletes and helps run a successful coaching education program. With success producing champions in nearly every track and field event, he is without a doubt one of the top coaches in our sport. This year is no exception as Pfaff was Mr. Long Jump at the world championships taking in two medals and three top-four performances. He guided Fabrice Lapierre to silver and Greg Rutherford to gold. Pfaff helped Rutherford capture Olympic Gold in 2012 while working in the UK and starting working with him again recently. In the women’s long jump Christabel Nettey broke the Canadian record on several occasions this year and placed fourth at the World Championships, just two inches from the podium.


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5 replies
  1. Joey Pacione
    Joey Pacione says:

    This may be too specific of a question, but how would a 3 day rollover look in a practical setting? And do all 3 days take place in one calendar week?

    • Martin Bingisser
      Martin Bingisser says:

      There isn’t a prescribed quota of sessions per week. That is actually one of the main benefits of it…the flexibility. It depends a lot on the circumstances. Since it is most often used in season you look at meet schedules, travel schedules, athlete health, weather, etc. The key is you have the 3 core sessions and you cycle through them. Most likely you will not get all 3 done in one week, but you pick up where you left off.


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