Derek Evely on Pacey Performance Podcast

Derek Evely joined the Pacey Performance Podcast today to discuss a variety of topics regarding training, coaching his experience, and of course Bondarchuk. Rob Pacey is an up and coming UK-based strength coach that puts together some great interviews. Check out the podcast if you get a chance. You can listen to the complete episode below.

Specific topics covered ere:

  • His background, education, and work experience with Dylan Armstrong, UK Athletics and Bondarchuk;
  • The Bondarchuk methodology and its application to other sports;
  • Exercise classification; and
  • Velocity-based training, a topic Nick and I also covered on our most recent podcast episode.

If you want to learn more from Derek you can read the articles he has posted here at HMMR Media, as well as my training talk with him, a second training talk with him, and his recent appearance on our own HMMR Media podcast.

In the podcast Derek mentions his use of the PUSH Band to track bar velocity. PUSH is a proud sponsor of the HMMR Media Podcast and is giving away a free device this month. Click below for more details.

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