Vern Gambetta

If you do what you have always done . . .

You will get what you have always got. Not very good English but so true. Over the course of my career I have observed that those that are the best are constantly working at getting better. Sometimes the changes are subtle and other times they are very drastic – but change is a constant. Sustained excellence demands constant change and adaptation. Change is necessary to grow, to push the envelope but always building on what you have done before. Know what must be changed. How will you know? You will know through constant self-reflection and analysis of training. Get outsiders to evaluate what you do and your system. Involve the athletes ask them. Working to get better is a daily process.

Look outside your sport in fact look outside sport. Right now I am reading Toyota Tata to help me to understand how Toyota has been able to maintain a competitive advantage. They have been able to sustain a high level of performance because they build change into their system.

It is important to remember also that sometimes the most profound change is no change at all. Sometimes what you do not do is as important as what you do. In the process of change never lose sight of what got to where you are – something was right wholesale change is seldom necessary. The advice of the old cowboy stands true – always dance the last dance with who you brought to the dance.

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