Special Deal on Short Wires

Note: this offer has expired as it was on a first come first serve basis, but we still offer wires of any length for the lowest price online. Click here for details.

We sell some of the best hammer wires around and have a limited number of short hammer wires available for purchase at a steep discount of just $3.33 per wire. Details are below. I hand make each wire to specification to ensure top quality and performance. (Also if you are interested in normal length wires, we also sell those at the lowest prices online)

Short Wires and Special Strength

Obviously short wires can be used for short hammers. Using short heavy hammers can be a great way to develop special strength. However using short light or normal hammers can also be a good way for beginners to learn the event. It is easier to feel the hammer with a short wire as there is less lag between when you move and when the hammer reacts.

But another great use of short wires is for discus training. A short light hammer can be used as a great discus training tool. The popular Jurgen Schult Discus Training tool is essentially a short lightweight hammer. Short wires can help you make your own discus training tool to work on special strength in the discus as well.

The Details

  • How many: Purchaser will receive 12 wires. Due to limited supply the offer is only available to the first person to order: first come, first serve.
  • Length: You can choose the length. The range available is from 8 to 16 inches.
  • How to order: Email info@hmmrmedia.com with your name, address, and length of wires
  • Price: $40, plus $10 for US domestic shipping. The standard price including shipping is over $80 for a dozen wires.
  • Payment: We will send you an invoice after receiving your order. The order will not be shipped until payment has been made.


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