Changing the Game

The only way you change the change the game is to change how you prepare for the game. Now we are in NBA preseason and on the NBA channel they are traveling to the various training camps and interviewing coaches and players. It was the same in NFL preseason. What do see in the background – The same old time worn drills, players standing around in lines, coaches talking, players not listening much less learning. You see the same thing in Major League baseball with all supposed advancement in analytics and technology they still prepare the same – batting practice – hitting against balls thrown at 65 mile per hour with millions of dollars of players standing around in the outfield. I repeat the only way you change the game is to change how you prepare and practice for the game. In practice don’t try to replicate the game distort it, practice faster. Strive for high quality perfect effort and game performance will change. To accomplish this takes a sound foundation in pedagogy and a willingness to learn, adapt and change.

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