Vern Gambetta


If you are doing so-called finishers – Whether they are heavy sled pulls or sets to exhaustion, anything in the form of a so called “gut check” to make the athlete tougher – Think again and ask yourself what you are doing? Why are you doing them? In all probability you are negating the effects of the previous segments of the workout by doing something totally incompatible and contradictory to what came before. For example to finish off a max strength session or a speed acceleration session with very heavy 50-yard sled pushes makes no sense. It is easy to make them tired but it is not making them better. If you are doing it for so-called mental toughness that is even more indefensible, there are better ways to build a complete adaptable athlete ready to compete to win. Mindful always trumps mindless, 99% of finishers are mindless.

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