HMMR Media Goes to Twickenham

Later today Australia and Argentina will square off for the hottest ticket in rugby: a chance to face New Zealand at Twickenham Stadium in next Saturday’s World Cup final. Just two and a half weeks later a slightly less in-demand event will take place at the historic home of rugby union: I will be presenting a seminar.

London_WorkshopGrowing up in America I had no experience with rugby before relocating to Europe. Even now Switzerland rugby is hardly more popular than hammer throwing, but I have become a fan after having had the chance to cross paths with some top rugby strength coaches over the past few years. From hearing how Dean Benton turned around the Brumbies in Australia to discussing the plans Mark Bennett has put in place to help bring lift his squad into the Premiership, there are some great coaches at work in the sport. Next week I will even get the chance to sit down with Japan’s strength coach John Pryor as he passes through the Alps on vacation. So it is an honor that next month I will get a chance to present to some of them at Twickenham. Thanks to the help of Dan Howells and Scott Drawer at the RFU for helping organize the event.

If you are not a rugby coach, don’t worry; this event is not exclusively for rugby. Despite the venue, I will discuss a wide range of topics on transfer of training, periodization and Bondarchuk. These principles can be applied to many sports and, as always, most of my examples will come from my experience in athletics. After all, rugby, athletics, and many sports are all focused on generating sports-specific power. I look forward to meeting and learning from a diverse audience there.

The Basics

The seminar will take place on Wednesday, November 18, 2015 from 6pm to 9pm at Twickenham Stadium.


General Registration: You can register and find more details in the HMMR Media Store.

HMMR Media Members: All members get £10 off their registration. If you are already a member, contact me for a discount code.

Rugby Attendees: If working at any RFU club in England please contact Scott Drawer for registration.

Outline of Topics

  1. Transfer of Training and Special Strength
    • What are transfer of training and special strength and how do they fit together?
    • How to classify exercises under Bondarchuk’s system and how this then help maximize transfer.
    • Practical tips for developing and implementing special strength training to meet the needs of your sport and your athletes.
  2. Periodization
    • An overview of common approaches to periodization.
    • A detailed look at non-standard approaches such as the Bondarchuk periodization method.
  3. Bringing it Together: Developing Athletes
    • What is talent?
    • Finding transfer with developing athletes.
    • Long-term development strategies.
    • Tailoring training to strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Bringing it Together: Elite Athletes
    • Integrating technical and physical preparation.
    • Finding transfer with highly trained athletes.
    • Thinking outside the box: how to implement Bondarchuk’s ideas in other systems.
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