How do I know what’s right?

Recently during a presentation to swim coaches on dryland training, a coach asked me how he could know that what I was saying was right? He pointed out that the next day someone else was going to speak on the same topic as me and he could have a diametrically opposed position. My answer was quite succinct – you don’t know. Never forget that context is king. You must do what is right for you and your athletes. What is right is somewhat of a moving target. To evaluate training programs always go back to foundational principles of training and review the training in the context of your core coaching philosophy. The basic place to start is to look at progression – does the program have a clearly defined progression that establishes a pathway with landmarks to determine a starting point and subsequently where the athlete needs to go? Does the program take into account both developmental age and biological age? Does it account for individualization? Does it assess trainability and adjust training accordingly? Is it sport appropriate? In summary what is right is training that observes sound training principles and meets your athletes needs.

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