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GAIN started in 2007, but the genesis of GAIN goes back to the start of my coaching career in 1969. It quickly became clear to me that anytime I could meet with professional colleagues to exchange ideas that my performance as a coach improved. It really came together for me in July 1972 at the first AAU Learning By Doing Track & Field Clinic. The clinic went for four days from 7:00 AM in the morning to 9:00 PM at night. We all lived in dorms and ate meals together. There were unlimited opportunities to discuss what we had learned and exchange ideas. I came away from that experience vowing to repeat the experience wherever and whenever possible. It was career changing for me. Now I had a network of coaches I could communicate with. In the 1980’s a group of us would convene at every opportunity, usually at National Championships or conventions with the express purpose to share ideas and cross check each others training programs. These occasions were uplifting and sometimes quite challenging when you did not hear what you wanted to hear.

gain_2015In 1992, I started teaching the Building and Rebuilding The Athlete seminar. It was a two-day seminar consisting of a broad overview of all the components of training and rehab for the athlete. The volume of content and format only allowed us to barely scratch the surface. Each seminar someone would ask me if I ever was going to initiate something beyond Building and Rebuilding. Because of various factors, I was unable to do so until 2007 when we had our first GAIN. There were twenty brave souls in attendance; I don’t think any of us had a good idea of what it would become.

Nine years later, GAIN has evolved into the career changing experience that I hoped it would be. We have highly motivated attendees who are professionals in their various areas and a superb faculty who are high-level practitioners who have skin in the game. They know through practice-based evidence what it takes to achieve results at the highest levels of sport and they are willing to share their success and failures.

Join us in this learning journey of professional development. GAIN IX will be at Rice University in Houston Texas from June 14 to June 18. There is no experience like this total immersion for five days with other highly motivated professionals. I am a facilitator, a catalyst – the strength is in the network and the subsequent connections into a learning community of highly motivated professionals eager to challenge ideas generate new ideas and take a different look at old ones.

Go to our website to apply, submit your application now, enrollment is limited.

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