Nation’s Best Hammer Throwers Choose Colleges

With the early National Letter of Intent signing period taking place in November, many of the top high school athletes have already officially or unofficially announced their college decisions. The next signing period is not until 2016. Top returners Bobby Colantonio (Barrington, RI) and Courtney Jacobsen (Toll Gate, Warwick, RI) are among those that have made their decision, choosing Alabama and Michigan respectively.

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Last updated May 31, 2016. Please contact us if you have additional commitments to add to the list.

Name Class Rank 2015 Best School
Bobby Colantonio 1 243’07” University of Alabama
Joshua Hernandez 3 211’03” Sam Houston State University
Cameron Thompson 5 202’11” University of Connecticut
Matt Ritchey 7 190’01” University of Texas
Trenton Fanta 10 185’04” Purdue University
Tim Beard 11 184’10” Azusa Pacific University
Zach Andrew 14 176’10” Oklahoma State University
Kirk Unland 15 174’07” University of Wyoming
Nik Curtiss 16 165’06” Eastern Michigan University
Hap Frketich 17 163’06” University of Wyoming
Trace Henault 27 156’07” Missouri Southern University
Bailey King 32 153’05” Colorado State University
Nick Phillips 154’05” (6k) Eastern Illinois University
Zack Phillips 152’11” (6k) Eastern Illinois University
Joe Denniston Concordia University (Portland)


Name Class Rank 2015 Best School
Courtney Jacobsen 1 178’06” University of Michigan
Shoshana Isis Trotman 2 175’06” University of Pennsylvania
Olivia Seifert 3 171’01” Brown University
Makena Thomas 4 170’00” Dartmouth College
Meagan Malloy 5 168’09” University of Michigan
Kamryn Brinson 6 168’08” Army
Lysah Russell 7 165’00” Georgia State University
Maddie Rabing 8 165’00” University of Oregon
Haleigh Sudbeck 9 164’07” University of Hawaii
Riley Scocco 10 154’03” Eastern Washington University
Monae Cooper 12 151’10” Northeastern University
Kendra Noneman 13 149’02” Boise State University
Jocelen Ruth 14 147’00” Oklahoma State University
Nickolette Dunbar 16 144’01” LSU
Blaire Cailen NR 136’08” Gardner-Webb University
Lindsay McShane 25 136’03” Oregon State University
Jessica Molina 26 135’11” Wake Forest University
Shaelyn Ward 33 129’07” Kansas State University
Rivera Sophia NR 118’08” University of Wisconsin
Amanda Truong NR Long Beach State

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