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It’s been an exciting week at HMMR Media. We added a new author, Benn Harradine, on Wednesday. And today we are proud to announce the newest section of our site: the HMMR Media Classroom.

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The HMMR Media Classroom is a place for coaches to get a deeper understanding of both theory and practical applications to any sport through both in-person and online learning modules. We have been putting together in-person seminars for the past year, and you can find out about the upcoming events in the HMMR Media Classroom. But, more importantly, for those of you unable to attend we will be offering online video courses.

The first such course is Lesson 1: The Basics (purchase here), where Nick Garcia and I provide over 90 minutes of video to introduce students to the basics of transfer of training, special strength, and periodization. Nick and I have presented many times on these topics, and next week I will also be covering them in London, but no coaches worldwide get a chance to participate.

Check out the first course in the HMMR Media Classroom, where Nick and Martin cover the basics of transfer of training and periodization.

With this platform we hope to put up more courses from more of our authors in 2016, so stay tuned for a chance to dive into more detail on some selected topics.

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