Millrose Games Trials (NY) Results

Qualifiers for the prestigious Millrose Games took place on Wednesday with the top two placers moving on to the final meet in Febraury. In the boy’s competition Cameron Thompson (Lakeland/Panas, Cortlandt, NY) was the clear winner with a personal best of 19.81 meters (65’0″). Andrew Rochon (Southern Lehigh, Central Valley, PA) took second. In the firls competition Monae Cooper (New Rochelle, NY) and Jessica Molina (Westwood, Township of Washington, NJ) were the clear qualifiers. Molina led the competition early with a season’s best before tossed 16.89 meters (55’5″) in the third round. That mark added more than three feet to her season’s best and moves her up to third in the nation. But more importantly it held on for the win.

           2015 NYRR Millrose Games Trials - 1/13/2015 
                 New Balance Track & Field
                  Center at The Armory
             216 Fort Washington Avenue
                    New York, NY 10032                

Boys Weight Throw Invitational
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Thompson, Cameron            Lakeland/Pan            19.81m
  2 Rochon, Andrew               Southern Leh            16.60m
  3 Zeolla, Nicholas             Longwood                15.32m
  4 Rosendorf, Phillip           Susan Wagner            15.26m
  5 Georgakis, Austin            Syosset                 15.19m
  6 Dutra, Christopher           Iona Prepara            14.96m
  7 Antonelli, John              Syosset                 14.68m
  8 Broderick, Elijah            Susan Wagner            14.54m
  9 Wang, Jason                  Great Neck S            13.89m
 10 Sharpe, Jamal                Mt Vernon               13.80m
 11 Menio, Albert                East Strouds            13.61m
 12 Berry, Keon                  Clara Barton            13.56m
 13 Popino, Nick                 North Babylo            13.54m
 14 Hot, Elvir                   Archbishop M            12.22m
 15 Kim, Mark                    Syosset                 12.18m
 -- Zimmerman, Jack              Briarcliff                FOUL
 -- Didier, Devin                North Babylo              FOUL 
Girls Weight Throw Invitational
    Name                    Year School                  Finals 
  1 Cooper, Monae                New Rochelle            16.89m
  2 Molina, Jessica              Westwood Reg            16.58m
  3 Seifert, Olivia              St Anthony's            15.14m
  4 Jeffrey, Jessica             New Rochelle            14.22m
  5 Amazon, Allie                New Rochelle            12.99m
  6 Wilson, Erin                 Washingtonvi            11.08m
  7 Smith, Samantha              Connetquot              10.58m
  8 Francis, Zaire               Port Richmon            10.17m
  9 Campos, Ludith               Mt Vernon                9.54m
 10 Pascarella, Elaina           Mary Louis A             9.38m
 11 Sharpe, Jannah               Mt Vernon                9.33m
 12 Urreta, Remi                 Lakeland/Pan             9.07m
 13 D'Arcy, Shauna               Archbishop M             8.74m
 14 Reddy, Megha                 Great Neck S             8.68m
 15 Weiss, Bailey                Archbishop M             7.56m
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