My 2016 Goals

Wow. It has been a long time since my last post! As you’re probably aware, lots of changes the last few months. So let’s dive right in. Without further adieu, here are my top goals for the coming Olympic year.

1. Personal Technical Growth

I will probably follow up more on exactly what I’m working on, but for now, I am concentrating on my entry. I have had the tendency (it appears for most of my time in Kamloops), to pull the ball into the entry with the left shoulder. I am actively working on getting rid of that. I’ve always said, either you’re trying to improve, or you’re trying to get worse. Trying to improve doesn’t necessarily mean you will throw farther. But the process of trying to improve will yield new understandings about your own perception of the throw and how also how to coach the throw. Show me someone who thinks they’ve got perfect technique, and I’ll show you a raging narcissist in need of psychiatric help. Ok, that may be a little dramatic, but you get my point. Everyone has improvements to make. Even our vaunted WR holder doesn’t particularly like his record throw. Never mind the fact that that result is only his personal best, Yuri has said his next throw was perhaps the best throw he’s ever made. The joy and the struggle is what makes our events so spectacular, is it not?

2. Olympic Medal

I moved to Kamloops in 2008 with one thing in mind for 2012: a medal. While making the final in the rain with a SB was an accomplishment, it was not enough. Though it was the best I had that season and consequently, that day. I definitely feel like my story in athletics won’t be as complete as I’d like it to be without a medal in the next couple of years. Rest assured, I will not be defined by whether or not I make my second Olympic team and/or earn a spot on the podium upon arriving in Rio. We shall see in the next 6-8 weeks how realistic I think my chances are at getting on the podium. Before my injury, I was in 78m shape, having just thrown a SB with the 9kg, and on the very next throw breaking my hand and dislocating a finger. Quite literally adding insult to injury. ? If I’m not at least in that kind of shape, no way I can take my podium thoughts seriously. Currently, I’m at almost 2 months in, and I have made pretty good improvements in my results. So yes, I am very positive that it could happen.

3. World Ranked

I’ve been world ranked before on several lists, but not the two biggest lists as it pertains to remuneration, and Track & Field News. In order to do this, I must compete more. After a miserable start to the 2015 season which needed us getting back on track to finally get a handle on how the hell my body was reacting, I ended up ranked 11th in the world. With a couple more results and a better season’s best, I gotta believe it’s entirely up to me whether or not I break the top 10 in the ‘Big Boy World Rankings’.

4. Build IMG Academy Throws Program

I came to IMG because I share in Loren Seagrave’s collective vision to build something great. Both for the Academy and the post collegiate pro/Olympian program. This position also gives me the flexibility to coach anyone at any age I want. I’ve got 2 post collegiates here with me, and another few I coach remotely. I currently do not have any main event throwers on the academy team, so I need a couple kids, then we’ll really be cooking! Excited for the potential.

Watch out for the IMG Throws Challenge. My plan for this competition in the short term is to have it on the USATF domestic schedule beginning in 2017. After that, it will grow into something bigger… we are discussing clinics or fantasy camps for summer/fall with me here in Bradenton. Also, a throws symposium is being planned for around October. Stay tuned, some great guests will be in attendance!

5. Put Amanda on the Podium

Honestly, this one belongs in the top. I am without a doubt most excited about this for 2016. This will require all of my abilities as a coach to accomplish, and also a bit of luck, but I believe it is possible. She is focused and technique is changing already in our first month working together. I look forward to doing my best to help her return to the form of a couple years ago. Greg had done such an incredible job with her from 0 to 75.73m. Tip of the hat to you, sir.

6. Social Media Engagement

Social media is powerful for a reason. It is a platform where I can share and influence. I think I should take better advantage of that fact. I plan to continue to engage with fans on social platforms and even go above and beyond. Social media is king for the non-premier athletes during an Olympic year. Do what you can to increase your brand.

7. Read!

I think I’ve discovered that I like listening to books/podcasts. I don’t really have that much time alone, and when I do, I don’t particularly feel like cracking open a book. At the suggestion from Tim Ferriss, I’ve started listening to The Tao of Seneca.

Now, if Bondarchuk’s books and other strength training books were only available too…

Boy, when I’ve written it all down, it seems like a lot for 2016! Nothing I can’t handle. Happy Training, people.

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