Youngstown State High School Meet 3 (OH) Results

Logan Kusky (Austintown Fitch, Youngstown, OH) led the way at the most recent Youngstown State High School Meet on Sunday. The senior added two feet to his season’s best and a foot to the personal best he still held from last season to take the win. His teammate Brent Fairbanks (Austintown Fitch, Youngstown, OH) also nearly broke 70 feet and place second. Shoshana Isis Trotman (Centerville, OH) won the girl’s competition with a personal best of nearly five feet. Her final mark of 56’5″ was also just seven inches off of the state lead and puts her in the top five nationally.

WATTS Indoor Track Facility in Youngstown, OH
February 07, 2016
Boys Weight Throw
 To Follow Girls Weight Throw
 3 Throws - Top 9 to Reverse Order Final - 3 More Throws
 HS Facility: # 74-03  1/23/2016   Jake Wickey, Medina                         
    Name                    Year School                  Finals 
  1 Kusky, Logan              SR Young. Austi          72-10.00  
  2 Fairbanks, Brent          JR Young. Austi          69-11.00  
  3 Geist, Jordan             JR Unattached            67-02.00  
  4 Marshall, Dom             SR Hempfield Ar          59-01.00  
  5 Blaire, Evan              JR Hickory               58-11.00  
  6 Dorbish, Jake             SR Young. Austi          54-10.00  
  7 Bishop, Tyler             JR Hickory               52-00.00  
  8 Murray, Alex              JR Hempfield Ar          46-08.00  
  9 Cross, Kaleb              SO Centerville           41-01.00  
 10 Guy, James                FR Hempfield Ar          40-05.00  
 11 Ream, Jarrett             SO Hempfield Ar          28-01.00  
 -- Pfeffer, Joe              JR Young. Austi              FOUL  
 -- Hargrove, Greg            SO Centerville               FOUL  
 -- McTighe, Brennan          SR Unattached                FOUL 
Girls Weight Throw
To Follow Girls Shot Put
3 Throws - Top 9 to Reverse Order Final - 3 More Throws
HS Facility: # 62-08  2/9/2014    Gabby Figueroa, Young. Austi               
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Trotman, Shoshana Isis    SR Centerville           56-05.00 
  2 Young, Daija              SR Trinity               47-11.00 
  3 leppelmeier, molly        JR Mccomb High           47-07.00 
  4 Keenan, Bridget           SR Unattached            45-03.00 
  5 Blaire, Cailen            SR Hickory               45-02.00 
  6 McKinley, Tori            JR Hickory               44-06.00 
  7 Simon, Reshanna           SR Centerville           42-10.00  
  8 Hutchinson, Rachel        SO Hempfield Ar          41-06.00
  9 Rousch, Katie             JR Centerville           38-08.00
 10 Williams, Holly           JR Cuy. Falls            37-08.00 
 11 Elkins, Brittney          JR Berea-Midpar          37-05.00 
 12 Frank, Alie               SR Cuy. Falls            36-09.00 
 13 Morrison, Grace           JR Young. Austi          35-03.00 
 14 Torok, Brynn              FR Cuy. Falls            34-10.00 
 15 LaFlame, Rachel           JR Cuy. Falls            34-06.00 
 16 Vallo, Megan              JR Centerville           29-07.00 
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