What if?

  • What if there were no strength coaches?
  • What if there were no personal trainers?
  • What if off season football was playing baseball or running track?
  • What if there were no NFL or NBA combine?
  • What id there were no Nike, Reebok and Under Armour throwing money around?
  • What if there was mandatory daily Physical Education from kindergarten through twelfth grade?
  • What if coaches were trained teachers?
  • What if sport were school based?
  • What if there were no travel baseball, soccer and basketball?
  • What if there was no freshman eligibility in college?
  • What if there were no Internet or social media?
  • What if there were no 24-hour news and sport channels?

The list could go on and on. I know this was the “good old days” when I started coaching in 1969. Maybe an old being nostalgic. We cannot turn back the clock but we can learn from the past. There are many lessons from those days that apply directly to the problems we face in sport coaching today. Sport does not exist outside of society; it mirrors and magnifies the good and bad of society. Hopefully this will get all of you thinking about solutions.

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