HMMR Media Visits the West of England

HMMR Media has been rolling out some new content at our recent seminars. Last weekend John Kiely and I presented an innovative seminar on periodization which is perhaps the first periodization seminar ever not to go into detailed discussion of periods. Instead we focused on how coaches can improve their process and approach to periodization in order to make it more effective. We had great feedback and I will have a more detailed report later in the week.

And next month Nick Garcia will be joining me in the West of England to put on a new workshop on athletic development. Because the seminar includes practical elements, we have capped enrollment and spaces are limited. So sign up now before it is too late.

Learn more: check out the complete agenda and registration details here.


Rather than looking at traditional long-term athlete development models, our upcoming seminar will look more specifically at the needs of athletes at different levels and some of the overarching topics facing coaches that work with a wide range of athletes. We are going to focus our time on three different areas:

  • Progressing the developing athlete: Long-term models are great, but how do they look in practice? We will look at our approach and walk attendees through exercise progressions in a variety of areas including warming up, sprinting, agility, multi-jumps, multi-throws, resistance training, and cooling down. Nick wrote in general about his approach last year, so you can learn more here.
  • The elements of sound training: Whether you are coaching beginners or Olympic champions, there are some elements of training that are always there. In fact, what separates the champions is often how execute these basic elements better than anyone else. We will provide case studies from many coaches on how to implement these core training concepts.
  • Periodization: How periodization and long-term training can be combined to ensure continuous development over an athlete’s career

For the complete agenda, you can visit the registration page. And do not hesitate to contact
if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you there.

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