Countdown to GAIN 2016

Six days to GAIN 2016 at Rice University in Houston Texas. We have our largest turnout ever although the goal is not to be big we have achieved our goal numbers. Too big and the personal interaction and sharing that makes GAIN special is lost. We have delegates from all over the world and the US. Our three areas of emphasis: Athletic Development Coaching, Sports Medicine and Physical Education are well represented. Reminder this is not a conference or a clinic it a professional development network for those who want to want to be the best at getting better.

GAIN Mission

gain_2015Provide a global platform for education, innovation and motivation in Athletic Development. The focus is on developing and strengthening the connection between all elements of the sports performance team to produce adaptable athletes that are prepared for optimum performance.

GAIN IX – 2016 Theme

The Coaching Process – Leading Effective Change

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