Records – Made to be Broken

Congratulation to freshman 800-meter runner Donavan Brazier of Teas A&M for breaking Jim Ryun’s 50 year old record. Yes a record that was 50 years old and on a dirt/cinder track. Absolutely amazing that the record has stood for 50 years when you think of the great runners that have competed in the NCAA meet. It is truly a tribute to the greatness of Jim Ryun.

ryun_brazierFor some reason I don’t feel that Jim Ryun has ever received the respect and recognition he deserved. He was a pioneer in terms of training. Watching some of his training session was a site to behold, both in terms volume and intensity. Aside from his accomplishments on the track Jim was a great person. I will never forget the day he came to La Cumbre Junior High School in Santa Barbara to talk to my team, it was inspiration for my athletes and me. To top it off he went on several runs with the team that year. How special for my athletes. Thanks Jim for setting bar high and congratulations again to Donavan Brazier – you have some big shoes to fill.

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