Rhode Island State Championships Results

Bobby Colantonio (Barrington, RI) finished out his last Rhode Island State Championship by taking home another win, his third state title in a row. Not only did he have less competition, but he threw even further and ended up just four feet shy of the meet record. Unfortunately second-ranked Mike Coppolino (Cumberland, RI) fouled out, which opened the door for Jared Briere (Woonsocket, RI) to take silver and teammate Dilyn Cote (Woonsocket, RI) bronze.

There was much anticipation around the girl’s competition as several athletes were in the hunt for the title. However Courtney Jacobsen (Toll Gate, Warwick, RI) put the competition to bed in the first round. All six of her throws outdistances the competition as she turned in one of her best performances ever. Gianna Rao (Ponaganset, North Scituate, RI) nearly hit a best to place second and Samantha Andrews (Lincoln, RI) won a close four-way battle for the bronze.

2016 RIIL Outdoor Track & Field Championships - 06/04/2016
             Presented by  The Bill Falk Fund
             Brown University, Providence, RI
Boys 12# Hammer Throw
State Record: 253-03 05/29/1999 Jacob Freeman, Hendricken
Meet Record:  250-10 06/04/1999 Jacob Freeman, Hendricken
Name Year School Finals Points
1 Bobby Colantonio      SR Barrington         246-05 75.10m
2 Jared Briere          JR Woonsocket         202-01 61.59m
3 Dilyn Cote            JR Woonsocket         195-05 59.56m
4 Adrian Matos          JR Central            186-10 56.94m
5 Joseph Palazzo        SR Classical          183-03 55.85m
6 Jody Harris           SR Central            178-00 54.25m
7 Zeke Cohen            JR Classical          174-04 53.13m
8 Evan Grivers          SO Lincoln            173-08 52.93m
9 Kevin Fofanah         JR Classical          173-07 52.90m
10 Jacob Furland        FR Classical          173-03 52.80m
11 Abraham Salako       JR B.Hendricken       171-00 52.12m
12 Jacob Greenless      JR Woonsocket         168-11 51.48m
13 Ivan Goretoy         JR West Warwick       166-01 50.62m
14 Jack Dunn            SO Barrington         165-09 50.52m
15 Nick Caulfield       JR Cumberland         163-01 49.70m
16 Jason Hoskins        JR Coventry           157-02 47.90m
17 Michael Albanese     SR La Salle           144-06 44.04m
-- Mike Coppolino       SR Cumberland          FOUL

Winning series – Colantonio:
237-10  241-09  245-09  232-11  246-05  245-06

Girls 4k Hammer Throw
State Record: 189-03 5/26/2001 Kate Johnston, Warwick Vets
Meet Record:  183-06 6/2002 Kristen Michalski, West Warwick
Name Year School Finals Points
1 Courtney Jacobsen     SR Toll Gate          180-01 54.88m
2 Gianna Rao            SO Ponaganset         173-04 52.83m
3 Samantha Andrews      JR Lincoln            159-06 48.61m
4 Annika Kelly          FR Barrington         158-07 48.33m
5 Lysah Russell         SR Classical          157-10 48.10m
6 Meagan Malloy         SR Smithfield         157-09 48.08m
7 Molly Botts           JR Cranston East      149-05 45.54m
8 Faye Gauthier         SR West Warwick       148-07 45.28m
9 Faith Polando         SO Barrington         145-11 44.47m
10 Ani Armenakyan       JR Toll Gate          144-03 43.96m
11 Nicole Valdez        SO Hope               141-09 43.20m
12 Ajahnea Greene       SO Rogers             139-04 42.46m
13 Sydney Polando       FR Barrington         136-08 41.65m
14 Jasmine Gallo-Fusco  JR Toll Gate          136-04 41.55m
15 Paige Carmicheal     SR Toll Gate          132-04 40.33m
16 Rebecca Dickinson    SR North Kingstown    131-04 40.03m
17 Amanda Taft          SR Woonsocket         127-07 38.88m
18 Chelsea Yang         JR Pilgrim            124-03 37.87m

Winning series – Jacobsen:
177-07  180-01  177-01  177-04  180-00  179-05
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