Developing a Training System

My concepts of training are based on study of past training methods, sports science research, best practice, and practical experience working with all levels of athlete. When developing a training system you learn through deliberate practice, through trial and error, you learn in the trenches, not just in a book, a classroom or a laboratory. You learn from your mistakes and your successes.

That is where you start, but that is just a beginning. Learn to lean heavily on common sense; it works because it is simple and natural. If we follow common sense and your instincts based on experience and good science we will do the correct things concerning movement and training. Modern society and conventional wisdom in training has dulled our instincts. The key is to unlock these instincts and allow the body to solve movement problems the way the body was designed to function. Allow the body to use its inherent wisdom. Movement is natural, it is is not dangerous or extreme; watch what children do in free play when unrestrained by adult supervision and burdened by having to do the movements correctly. They move with freedom, they do not look like robots. Today even at the highest levels of sport coaches are creating robots. Lest we forget movement is not paint by numbers, it is an expressionist drawing, it is not a classical music aria, it is jazz riff.

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